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Annapolis Copper Roofing & Gutters, 21409

Copper Roofing and Gutters in Annapolis, 21409

We work with a plethora of roofing materials in Annapolis. Copper roofing, gutters and downspouts are just a few. We also work with seamless aluminum gutters. Asphalt shingles, slate, metal and PVC/TPO roofing materials also work well in the weather conditions in Annapolis. Ask about our decades of experience dating back to 1961. Learn about our warranty, Free Estimates, by calling (410) 876-2434 for roofing, siding, downspouts and gutters in Annapolis Maryland 21409.

Annapolis Copper Roofing & Gutters, 21409

Roof and Gutters in Annapolis, 21409

The decades of experience spanning 60+ years means our roofing and gutter company in Annapolis can bring the highest quality and value to your home or business. Knowing the best way to integrate roofing materials like asphalt shingles, copper, cedar and metal means a long lasting roofing system for your home. Whether you are looking for a trusted Annapolis roofer for a large business property or a single family home or a garage we bring the quality. Matching colors and styles of your existing roofing and gutters or if you need a roofer with exceptionally strong roofing industry connections for a new color or style we have the answer. Free Estimates, give us a call at (410) 876-2434 for roofs and gutters in Annapolis, 21409.

Annapolis 21409 Roofers Renovation Additions Remodel

Roofers Annapolis, 21409 Renovation, Remodel Addition

When you are renovating, remodeling or putting on an addition our Annapolis roofers for the 21409 zip code can solve the easy and hard roofing issues. Years of Annapolis roofing experience has become decades of experience, which has become 60+ years of experience. That experience can provide you the peace of mind that high quality materials and craftsmanship goes into the roof for your home addition, remodel or renovation. We have tons of experience with the complexity of adding a roof onto an existing structure. Knowing the design of the existing roof and how it will interact with the new roofing structure is important to put it mildly. Knowing how the Annapolis weather will effect the new structure and the rains, ice, snow and heat of the sun will play into the equation is a large portion of what makes a great roof. We can also help with the entire roofing structure, gutters and integration of all roofing materials. Roofers in Annapolis know the changes that occur with the expansion and contraction of each roofing material. If you are searching for a long lasting, high quality roof give us a call and learn why so many people in Annapolis trust our roofers. See more of our Annapolis roofers projects.
Free Estimates at (410) 876-2434

Annapolis 21409 Roofers and Gutters

Roofers Annapolis, 21409

Roofing in Annapolis zip code of 21409 means installing, replacing and repairing roofs in the local areas. Roofing in Amberly often includes asphalt shingle roofs. Occasionally metal, slate, cedar or copper roofing is a good answer for the Amberly area. Roofers in Woods Landing and Yorktown know the more “inland” areas. Closer to the waterfront means roofing in the Whitehall Manor and Whitehall Estates areas. Both of these consist of many single family homes with pitched roofs. Asphalt shingle roofs are common here as well. Steep pitched roofs can require experience to keep these long lasting and performing well through the high winds coming off the Chesapeake Bay, including Whitehall creek. Our roofers for Annapolis 21409 area have the decades of experience passed down from 3 generations of roofers. Give us a call and learn why so many have trusted us with their roofing repair and replacement.

Roofers and Gutters in Annapolis, 21409

We’ve gotten a break from the “arctic temperatures” and that has allowed for many roofing and gutter repairs in Annapolis and all of central Maryland. The cold temps are probably not done for the winter but it is a nice break to be able to help home and business owners to save money with quality roof and gutter installations. Seamless gutters are really effective for reducing the possibility of leaks in the entire system. Quality gutters, installed by a quality, experienced crew can make for a long lasting, worry free answer. The sheets of ice on flat, shingle, slate, cedar and metal roofs are gone and damage can be repaired. We’ve helped so many and we can help your roofing and gutter needs in Annapolis too.
No need to worry about guessing if a repair or a replacement is needed, give us a call and we can come out and inspect it for you in the 21409 zip code. While underlying issues cannot be inspected from a quick visual inspection, our decades of experience from the 1960’s to current will give you a great idea of what to expect. From there a more detailed plan can be laid to save your money. Nobody wants a quick fix repair when a full roof replacement is what is honestly needed. And nobody wants a hard sell, intimidating, fear driven suggestion to replace an entire roof when a repair is the right answer. We pride ourselves on honest estimates and clear communication so you can make the right decision. We’ve been roofing in Annapolis for a long time and we plan to be here for a long time to come. A trusted relationship is the best for everyone. Give us a call for trusted advice on roofing, siding and gutters in Annapolis Maryland, 21409.
Free Estimates at (410) 876-2434

Annapolis Roofing & Gutters, 21409 January 31st

Roofing and Gutters in Annapolis, MD 21409

Roofers in Annapolis are witnessing near record breaking low temperatures this week. We are helping with roofs that have been damaged due to the high winds, snow, ice and below freezing temperatures. When these combine roofing materials like shingles, slate, cedar and metal become more apt to crack and break when they are reaching the end of their expected lifespan. An older roof is liable to have issues with leaks this time of of year. You may not notice right away if the issues are just beginning. It is a good time of year to plan for roof replacements in the next few months. Before the spring showers rain down on us and cause damage it is a good think to have your Annapolis roof inspected and repaired or replaced. If you are seeing old, cracked or “turned” shingles then give us a call.

We’ve helped with commercial and residential roofing projects in Annapolis. From Anglers sport shop to your neighbors. We pride ourselves on open and honest communication, so you know the facts and can choose what is right for your needs. We’ve been the trusted roofers and seamless gutter installers in Annapolis for decades, since the 1960 and three generations of Well Home Improvements. And we’ll be here to support all the work now and in the future. Give us a call for Free Estimates at (410) 876-2434 on roofing, siding and gutters in Annapolis Maryland 21409.

Annapolis Roofers Company, 21409

Roofers Gutters Company Annapolis, 21409

Being an Annapolis roofing and gutter installing company we get to help homeowner and businesses with solving unique problems. When it’s time for an addition or renovation the roof style may not be high on you or your general contractors mind. Often Annapolis home and business owners think of the interior of the home or business. That makes sense because that is where most of the time it spent enjoying the new space. Too many times we have been called to help with a project shortly after problems have happened. Roofing since 1961 allows us to see many issues and we can help you to avoid them in Annapolis.

We’ve become a trusted, experienced roofer with a reputation for successful projects in roofing and gutters. Knowing how a renovation or addition will work with your existing roof will help you make the project go smoothly from beginning to end. You can save a lot of money with trusted advice like our Free Estimates, at (410) 876-2434. We can help to have your project go smoothly when it comes to roofing, siding and gutters in Annapolis Maryland 21409.

Roofers home and business Gutters Annapolis, MD 21409

Annapolis 21409 Roofers Commercial and Residential, January 3rd,

Roofers home and business Gutters Annapolis, MD

As commercial and residential roofers in Annapolis 21409 we get to work with a lot of business and homes in central Maryland. Annapolis has some interesting and historic buildings. We get to put shingles on them, help with the structural rafters and sheeting if more extensive repairs are needed. Being able to help with the tradition and culture of Annapolis is a good thing. Whether you need traditional long lasting shingles or you prefer a change to metal, cedar or slate we have the experience in roofing since 1961.

Being in Annapolis allows us to keep up on all the changes and needs that is needed. We can replace roofs for both residential and commercial buildings. Flat roofs are often associated with commercial or business building however this is not always the case. Many businesses have a shingle roof. Either material can work well to protect your structure from the Annapolis weather. Choices for flat roofs are increasingly using PVC TPO materials. We are ready to help with all of these and have the extensive experience to make your roof long lasting and good looking. Give us a call to speak with the 3rd generation owner directly for all you roofing, gutter and siding needs in Annapolis Maryland 21409. Free Estimates, give us a call (410) 876-2434

Roofers home and business Gutters Annapolis, MD

Seamless Gutters Annapolis 21409 Roofers & Siding November 8th

home Improvement Contractor in Annapolis

Tired of that outdated roof, siding or gutters? If you’re looking to give your house the curb appeal it deserves then make sure to connect with our Annapolis home improvements team. Our experts can help get your home back to that “new build” look. Our crew of highly trained professionals possesses the knowledge required to execute many of your home’s exterior needs. From the roof to the siding there’s almost nothing we can’t take care of! Making just one upgrade to your home’s exterior increases its value. Let the experts at Annapolis home improvements show you how to maximize your hard earned money, so that you can get that return on your investment. The average life expectancy on an asphalt shingled roof ranges from 15 to 30 years. If your roof is anywhere in this range, it may be time to start thinking about a new roof. Our Annapolis roofers, gutters experts has the skills required to perform a simple roof repair to a full replacement. Thinking about new siding to totally change the appearance of your home? – Wells Home Improvements offers a wide variety of siding choices in vinyl and aluminum. Both are long lastly options for upgrading your home’s exterior. Tired of rusty, worn, or clogged gutters? Our staff can repair, replace with Seamless Gutters, or clean them for you. Our customer service oriented crew of installers are licensed, bonded, and insured, and are anxious to show you how they can make your home shine! Family owned and operated, Wells Home Improvements is a third generation business with 60+ years of experience helping our clients get their homes maintained, repaired and/or updated the right way. As a client you’ll experience the “Wells Way”; our customers come first in all services we provide. If you, our customer isn’t happy, our Wells team isn’t happy. Give us a call today ((410) 876-2434) and let us show you how our Annapolis roofers, gutters & siding experts can take care of your house’s exterior update needs!

Free Estimates: (410) 876-2434

Annapolis Storm Damage Gutters & Roofing, September 13

Storm Damaged Gutters in Annapolis

With storms in the forecast and many Annapolis gutters and roofing being aged damage often occurs. We can help with proactive services to keep your roof and gutters up to date instead of waiting until after leaking happens. However, if a tree or other storm debris impacts your roof, shingles, gutters or siding and breaks even the newest projects we can come to the rescue. Ongoing process improvements has taught us to build an emergency response team which can snap into service when your issues occur. Our standard office hours are 8-8 Monday through Saturday however we understand when a storm has damaged your home you want good communication. We have built a process to help with communication aroud the clock. Feel free to send us an email or call no matter the time and we will get back with you as soon as possible. Having the Team for Annapolis storm damage roof and gutter repairs is just one of the ways that we bring our decades of experience to your home. Being GAF Certified as well as EPA Certified Lead Safe Firm can also help with your Annapolis roofing and gutter needs. We can work with older homes which need experience with Annapolis materials. Give us a call for all your needs on Roofing, Siding and Seamless Gutters in Annapolis 21409. (410) 876-2434

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