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Severna Park Roofers Repair and Replace

There’s a difference between a roofer and a shingle nailer. With Wells Home Improvements we can do much more than just nail shingles. We bring over 60 years of experience in roofing repair, install and replacement. Copper roofing materials needs special experience to create a long lasting, high quality roofing system.

We stand behind our work. We are here for the long haul and want to do the job right every time. Respecting you, your family, property with professional roofing. Roofers in Severna Park with all types of roofing materials. We bring the highest value in roofing to you and your family. Give us a ring and get roofing in Severna Park, 21146 and a [ESTIMATE].

Severna Park Roofers & Gutters February 21st, 2019

Severna Park Roofers Repair and Replace

This week our Severna Park roofers and gutter installers are dealing with calls after the heavy snow. If your home is older and the heavy snow has damaged your roof give us a call. Having a trusted roofer to inform you on the condition of your roof is a real peace of mind. You want to know when it’s time to repair and when it’s time to replace so you don’t waste money. This snow is causing some leaky gutters in Severna Park as well. We provide seamless gutters to replace those older gutters which have pulled away from the roof and are leaking water in and around the foundation / basement.

Both residential and commercial roofs and gutters are having issues with this wet snow and rain. As snow piles up in wet clumps and holds on until the weight gives way and impacts gutters it can be bad for business no customer wants to walk through a “waterfall” to get into your business. Whether you have a home or business, whether it’s shingle, metal, cedar, slate, flat or a PVC / TPO roof we can bring the results that only come from experience that goes back to the 1960s. Give us a call and get your peace of mind on roofing and gutters in Severna Park with a [ESTIMATE].

Severna Park Roofers Repair and Replace

Severna Park Metal Roofers & Gutters February 14th, 2019

Severna Park Roofers for Metal Roofing

Severna Park waterfront homes and inland homes can look great and benefit from a long lasting metal roof. Shingle roofs are also a good option for Severna Park homes. We can help with whatever you choose from traditional shingle, high quality shingle, metal, cedar, slate and PVC/TPO flat roofing. Our decades of experience allow us to bring you awesome results no matter what you choose. This time of year it is important to have your roofing in good condition. Winter weather, snow load, ice packs freezing and thawing can test an older, weaker roof. When damage does occur it can be larger in these types of conditions in Severna Park.

Spring rains, heavy thunderstorms and “April Showers” will all be here soon to test our S.P. roofs. If you are considering a new roof this is a great time to get on the schedule before expensive water damage hits in the next few months. Leaky Gutters can also be a sign of a roof which is failing. When water gets “behind” the gutters and starts to rot the wooden structure below, gutters will pull away from the building. This can be a sign that both would be a good investment in your home. Severna Park Cooper gutters and seamless aluminium gutters can help move water away from the foundation and basement. Give us a call and see for yourself the award winning, 5 Star reviews difference of Well Home Improvements for Severna Park, Maryland.

Severna Park Roofers, Gutters & Siding February 7th, 2019

Severna Park Roofing Company

Severna Park roofers with decades of experience can help with water front roofing, siding and gutters. The Chesapeake Bay salty water can have an effect on waterfront homes. Our 3 generations of experience in the Severna Park area means that you can rest easy with the siding roofing and gutter choices will work well. At Wells Home Improvements we are here to continue on the top quality reputation that was started with our Grandfather. We know that being here for the long haul is the right thing to do and means a better relationship for everyone. We know that people will continue to refer and recommend us to friends, family and loved ones for roofing, siding and seamless gutters in Severna Park because we do a great job, respectful of your home and property and stand behind our work. Being trusted is a great feeling and that means using good quality materials for shingles, metal, slate and cedar roofing. It also means knowing the right siding for the environment of salty air and the seamless aluminum gutters choices. We’re ready to bring our decades of experience to your home or business. If you are looking for high value being added to your home then give us a call for trusted results in materials and craftsmanship. We’ll get you started with a [ESTIMATE].

Severna Park Roofers, Gutters & Siding January 31, 2019

Severna Park Roofing Contractors

This time of year the snow flies and the frigid temperatures create ice on our Severna Park roofs, siding and gutters. But it won’t be long before special home improvement projects are going strong. We all enjoy re-investing in our homes and businesses in Severna Park. If you are looking for a trusted contractor look no further. We’ve been roofing, siding and installing gutters since 1961. We can help to make your home improvement project go smoothly in Severna Park. We know the area, the inspection and permit process and building codes. When you want a project to go smoothly you want contractors who work well together, get the job done on time and on budget. We continue to be that trusted roofer and siding / seamless gutter installer. You can save money with trusted contractors. You can learn about the long lasting benefits from using the right, quality materials. While others might try and push substandard materials to increase their profit margins we would much rather bring trusted, honest advice. Our decades of experience in the home improvement industry means connections with the industry manufacturers, new materials and environmentally responsible techniques in Severna Park, Maryland. Give us a call for your [ESTIMATE] on siding, seamless gutters and roofing. Let’s get your project planned and ready to go.

Severna Park Roofing & Gutters, January 24th, 2019

Severna Park Roofing Company

This winter has included the ice and snow as well as this week’s high winds and rain for Roofers in Severna Park, Maryland. High winds and cold temperatures can cause surrounding tree branches to give way and impact homes. We know first hand as we have been helping with repairs. We’ve been helping S.P. homes and businesses since the 1960s. Insurance claims may have changed but hard work and honest results are staying the same. We can help with your repairs and we bring honest advice on whether a repair or a roof replacement is a good answer. We know that honest communication makes for long lasting friends. When it’s time to replace a roof we share that with you, so you don’t waste money on a repair now, that will need torn off when the entire roof needs replaced in a short time. Our Severna Park roofers can help you – like we have so many in the past.

Siding and Gutter installation in Severna Park, MD may also be needed after the winter storms. The winds from this week have damaged many spots. Knowing how to repair siding with sun worn places and wind damage can be tricky for homeowners. Once the siding has come loose it often comes loose again and again unless an experience home improvement company is used to solve the issue. The real problem comes when the next storm comes and breaks loose the siding once again. The storm continues for hours allowing rain to get behind the siding. That damage can become costly if it makes it to the interior. Gutters in Severna Park have also been struck, dented and pulled away from the roof. This is a fix that needs done rather quickly so that water does not make its way along the eves and cause costly damage. We’re ready to bring you long lasting results for your siding, seamless gutters and roofing in Severna Park. Let’s get going with a [ESTIMATE].

Severna Park Roofing & Gutters, January 17th, 2019

Severna Park Roofing Company

Severna Park roofers are helping with repairs and questions about the leaks found after this week’s snow and frigid temperatures. Snow sitting on roofs and gutters will be putting weight on the structure and an older or damaged roof may leak. Being proactive and replacing a roof or gutters before they leak completely into the house will save money. Knowing the age of your roof and the expected shingle life can be helpful as well to know when to replace it. Severna Park homes and businesses have great looking roofs gutter and homes. We’ve helped with many since the company started in 1961 and we can help with yours.

Gutters on homes in Severna Park during the winter, snow, ice and temperatures in the low 20s and teens can reach their breaking point. Snow can overhang and put more weight than normal on gutters and older can leak. You may also want to check for gutters which have pulled away from the roof structure. Catching this issue early will also save money. If caught early sometimes a simple repair will reattach the gutter to the structure. If it is allowed to continue the separation can grow and damage more of the gutter system. We’ve all seen the gutters with partial leaks or torn completely off and water running along the home. One of the jobs of a gutter is to move water away from the home, basement and foundation. We can help with seamless gutters and the latest in gutter hangers aka “brackets” to build a strong and long lasting gutter system for your Severna Park home or business. Give us a call for a [ESTIMATE] for your roofing and gutters in Severna Park, Maryland.

Severna Park Roofing & Gutters Company, January 10th, 2019

Severna Park Roofing Company

Whether you have a large single family Severna Park home, a townhouse or other style of home we can help as trusted roofers. Having a dependable home with a roof that is keeping you warm and dry can bring peace of mind. We offer many options in roofing. Traditional shingles even have options with color, style and materials. Certainteed roofing has many advantages and we have the experience to install them correctly with great looking, long lasting results. If you are looking to have your Severna Park roof replaced then give us a call.

We can bring our decades of experience to your roofing needs. Gutters in Severna Park are also a great idea to increase your curb appeal, home value and keep that water moving away from your home. When leaky gutters allow water to pool up along the foundation water can find its way into the basement. When heavy rains saturate the ground a great set of seamless gutters can really help to keep you dry. Give us a call and speak with the owner directly about your [ESTIMATE] for your roofing and gutters in Severna Park, Maryland.

Roofing & Gutters Projects Severna Park, January 3rd, 2019

Reviewed Roofers for Severna Park, Maryland

Roofers in Severna Park, Maryland will have a busy time of year with homeowners and businesses getting ready for the freezing temperatures of winter. We have had record breaking rains in many areas and that has caused many roofs to fail. It’s best to have a roof replaced before any failures and that’s. We offer a [ESTIMATE]. This allows you to have good communication and be prepared. When you can budget for an improvement it seems to go smoothly. We can help with any repair or replacement however a well planned one often leads to less stress for the homeowner. Being family owned for 3 generations we know the strength of a good work ethic and dependable service. A great looking roof can help to sell a house and can make living there a little more appealing.

Gutters and siding installations in Severna Park are also great investment projects. When a leaky gutter makes a bad first impression it’s hard to recover. We offer aluminum and copper gutters. Copper makes quite the first impression. Seamless aluminum gutters with a clean and strong look also help to impress and bring peace of mind. Our gutter guard installation can help with the leaves that fall every year in Severna Park. When the rains and snow come and you don’t even give it a second thought you know you have a good roofing and gutter system in place. Give us a call and speak with the owner directly. Being a local roofer in Severna Park we want to hear your concerns first hand.

Severna Park Roofing & Gutters, December 27th, 2018

best Roofers for Severna Park, Maryland

This time of year it is important to have trusted roofers in Severna Park. With cold weather coming on it can mean higher utility bills. Our decades of roofing experience has proven our ability to design and install roofs with greater quality. An increase in materials has helped with the end result. Good insulation and proper design can help with higher heating bills. Roofs that are built to last keep the rain, wind and snow where it should be. If you would like help with traditional shingle roofing or specialty roofing materials like cedar, slate, metal, PVC TPO or other types give us a call. We have the experience and a great sized company to get the results you need for residential and commercial roofing projects in Severna Park, Maryland.

Gutter and siding projects are also important this time of year. With heavy rains, snow and ice this winter season can test the roof as well as gutters. Siding helps to protect from winds and blowing snow and rain. Severna Park homes and businesses with leaking gutters may fail this time of year. The extra weight of snow and the impact when it slides off a roof will often tear old gutters clean off the roof. We can help by bringing seamless gutters right to your home. Quality materials and experienced installations means that your entire roofing system can work to protect your home. Commercial roofing and gutters are also important projects this winter. When snow build on commercial building roofs it can find those hard to find leaks like no other time of year. Ice will expand and can damage older, failing roofs. No matter your needs for Severna Park roofers, siding and gutter installers give us a call for service with experience since the 1960s.

Severna Park Roofing & Gutters, December 20th, 2018

Severna Park Roofers

Happy Holidays from your Severna Park Roofers. We are enjoying this holiday season and you may see our gutter and roofing replacement trucks and vans driving around Severna Park with festive wreaths on the front grill. We are local folks who have been hanging gutters and roofing shingles, slate, cedar, PVC / TPO commercial and metal roofs since the 1960s. 3 Generations of roofers, siding and gutter installers brings experience like no other. If you are thinking your roof or gutters could use a little attention. We can help with award winning results in Severna Park.

Roofing repairs this winter will help to keep from snow and ice damage. Trying to hold off on repair until the spring when rains are at their worst can be costly. Commercial projects are no problem for our team. We have experience with TPO/PVC commercial roofing for your large flat roofs in Severna Park. If you prefer metal roofing to solve some of the unique roofing problems that comes with living on the water we can help with the experience that comes with ongoing training and industry connections. We can solve most any gutter, siding or roofing issue that comes. Put our experience to work for you. Ready for a professional, licensed, insured roofer in Severna Park, Maryland. [ESTIMATE]

Roofers in Severna Park & Gutters, December 13th, 2018

Severna Park Roofers

Severna Park roofers this week are gearing up for the Holidays and part of that means getting roofs on family’s home so they can have less stress for the holidays. We help with roofing throughout the year. When the dogwood trees are blooming and heavy rains are in the forecast and in the winter when snow is coming. Snow and ice can make for a rough load on a home’s roof. When it melts on high pitched roofs it can tear older gutters clean off. Gutter hangers (small, usually aluminum) can be attached in many ways over the past decades. With 3 generations of “Wells Men” working to provide roofs, gutters and siding in Severna Park we’ve seen almost everything. Like more roofers, gutter and siding installers just when you think you’ve seen it all you notice one more “new” roofing issue. Inexperienced roofers and people trying to replace a roof themselves can find some inventive ways to install shingles, siding and gutters. Many of these fail in short time and we get a call to come and repair or replace trouble spots. Roofing may seem simple from a far however it doesn’t take long to realize it’s more complex than first glance. We can help with our experience in a wide variety of roofing materials from slate to cedar, metal and more conventional shingles. Contact our staff and speak directly with the owner to put your mind at ease that your Severna Park roof is going to serve you well for many year to come.

The details of hanging gutters and placing shingles is where the real experience comes in. Details in any job can be the true test of a long lasting result, gutters, siding and roofers are no different. Knowing how to layout and plan for a roof and the details in using one material or type of shingle can make the difference when the dig rains come years and years down the road. Give us a call for a professional, licensed, insured roofer in Severna Park, Maryland. [ESTIMATE]

Severna Park Roofers & Gutters, December 6th, 2018

Severna Park Roofers

This weeks Roofers in Severna Park job focuses on a traditional residential home with shingle roofing. There are several options to consider when replacing a traditional roof. Perhaps one of the most common options is the quality of the roofing material. Shingles can come with a “lifespan” and we can bring all those choices for you. Our experience and connections to suppliers allows us to bring a large gain for the homeowner. That experience level and connection to the manufacturers means that we have the processes down. While it is possible to find a new condition or new need, we have “seen it all” and have the solution in hand. If your house is older and ready for a full roof replacement we have the materials and equipment as well as the staff to make the process smooth and simple for you as trusted roofers in Severna Park, Maryland.

With the storms that roll through Severna Park we get calls after insurance claims and we are familiar with the process to get you back in good working order. With new materials and techniques homeowners are often surprised at how long and worry free their new roof will be. When the entire roof is replaced we often get the request to also replace the gutters as older gutters can be problematic and leak as well as clog. We can help with seamless gutters for Severna Park homes and commercial projects. When the leaves are falling more and more people are interested in our ability to install gutter guards on those same gutters. We can help with all your Roofing, siding and guttering needs in Severna Park and all central Maryland. [ESTIMATE]

Severna Park Roofers & Gutters, November 29th, 2018

Severna Park Roofers

Roofers in Severna Park are seeing a lot of changes this week. Leaves are almost done falling, unprotected gutters are filling up with oak leaves and our gutter guards are working very well. We install gutter guards so that you can stay off your Severna Park roof and enjoy the fall season. Holidays are here and roofers in S.P. are still putting on roofs so that holiday gatherings can go further without the worry of a leaky set of shingles ruining the day. When winter snow sits on the roof and becomes a ice sheet it can put a strain on older roofs. That strain will often damage shingles, tar paper, plywood and even rafters if left un-repaired. Save your time money and stress with a simple roof repair or replacement.

This weeks roofers in Severna Park replacement features shingled roofs and seamless gutters. With seamless gutters and quality shingles you can enjoy the sound of rain once again instead of stressing over every raindrop. Shingle technology and manufacturing has increased over the past decades and we have stayed ahead of the learning curve with training on the latest materials. We can help with many types of roofing types and materials. Commercial flat roofs, PVC TPO, residential shingle, slate, cedar and metal roofs are all good for the Severna Park area. Give us a call and put our decades of experience to work on your home, business or commercial property. [ESTIMATE]

Severna Park, Roofers, November 22nd, 2018

Severna Park Roofers

Severna Park roofers job of the week includes homes, business and commercial property roofing. It takes some time to learn any skill and roofing is no different. With 3 generations of roofers in Wells Home Improvements we know the importance of having learned and staying ahead of the learning curve for great results. That’s why we can offer tremendous warranties, savings and materials that can bring peace of mind. Shingle roofing materials have come a long way. We are a Certified installer and are ready to speak with you about the quality of the roof you are going to have. We offer a wide variety of solutions and honest open conversations about the value that you are looking for. If you are looking for Severna Park roofers who have been here for decades and will be here for a long time give us a call. We can bring you results for roofing projects like no other contractor in Maryland.

Gutter and siding may also be on your mind and we can help with these as well. Wells Home Improvements has invested in the materials, equipment and training to install your seamless gutters with results that will last with a Lifetime warranty in Severna Park. Siding has changed over the years with better materials and better techniques to bring a higher quality final product. No matter your home improvement needs we can help starting with a Free Estimate and the personal service that will show how your project will go smoothly for your Severna Park home, business or commercial siding, gutters or roofing.


Severna Park, Gutters Installed, November 15th, 2018

S.P. Roofers Commercial Residential

With cold weather hitting Anne Arundel County, the Severna Park gutters are being put to the test. Snow and ice can jam up and put massive pressure on those gutters and roof shingles. Seamed gutters can find a weak point and leaks can begin or existing leaks can worsen. Severna Park has both freezing and above freezing temps this time of year and that fluctuation can increase stress on your home or business. We know first hand, we’ve been providing home improvements for 3 generations, since the 1960s! Don’t stress and worry about the roof and gutters failing this winter season, give us a call and we can schedule seamless gutter to replace your old leaking gutters for surprisingly affordable prices with an industry leading “Lifetime Warranty.” Give us a call for details on all our services like Severna Park roofers, siding and gutters.

Being local to the area means we know the importance of shopping local and keeping the money in our local economy. We’ve built a strong, proud reputation for hard work and personal service with long lasting results. We will be your trusted company you are looking for residential and Commercial Gutters in Severna Park, MD.


Severna Park, Commercial and Residential Roofers November 8th, 2018

S.P. Roofers Commercial Residential

The roof of your home provides a vital function in protecting you and your family from nature’s elements – animals, rain, hail, snow, heat, and cold. Our Severna Park roofers are a team of highly trained group of “shingling experts” who can repair or install a new roof on your house. If your roof is showing signs of age and/or wear – missing or damaged shingles, curved shingle edges, signs of water damage inside your home (that is, the dreaded leak) now is the right time to call Wells Home Improvements. Whether your house needs a roof repair or replacement, you can trust the team our Severna Park home improvements team to provide the correct solution.

We won’t over-sell you on any work that needs to be done; we will work with you to provide the solution that meets your needs and budget with a great long lasting value. Wells Home Improvements has been in business for 57+ years; we haven’t survived this long by providing poor customer service or less than high quality workmanship. As a family owned and operated business, we treat our customers like our neighbors. Serving in the area of Anne Arundel county, our Severna Park home improvements team is here when you need us. Let us prove to you why we consider ourselves the best in the business – give us a call, 443-871-1202, to review all your residential and Commercial roofing needs.


Severna Park, Gutters & Roofers November 1st, 2018

S.P. Gutters Roofers

Our Severna Park construction team is a great resource to rely on when you’re looking for assistance with your building repair needs. If you have your own business than you know that there’s a lot of tasks to keep track of, both in regards to employees and building maintenance. It is easy to quickly become overwhelmed by all of the things on your daily to-do list, but that’s where we step in. We’re just a call or email away. Once you make an appointment we can step in with the tools and knowhow that only our group can provide. Our crew is skilled in a variety of areas, including roofs, gutters, and siding, so if you have questions about these building components, don’t hesitate to bring them our way.

Our Severna Park contracting company is more than ready to handle requests for any job, but we often find that gutters are one area that often gets ignored. If it’s been awhile since you’ve given your gutters some attention, then there’s no better time than now to contact us. We can make sure they’re in their best shape, providing any necessary repairs or replacements. If you have issues with keeping your gutters clean, then consider scheduling routine appointments with us. Check out Wells Home Improvements reviews. We’ll make sure that your gutters will be able to do their job properly. For a more permanent cleaning solution, we can install gutter guards retroactively. Call our Severna Park roofers, gutter and siding installment team to get your gutters in tip top shape.


Severna Park, Roofing & Gutters October 25th, 2018

Gutters Roofers in Severna Park

If you own a business, then you know just as much as anyone else that making the right impression and final results matters. Let our Severna Park Gutters, Roofing, Siding staff help you to put your business’s best foot forward. Our expertise covers many aspects of your property, from top to bottom. We can begin with the roof. When it comes to commercial properties there are variety of roofs that a building can have. We have experience with different types, but one that we really excel in is flat roofs. So, you can feel confident coming to us for your roofing needs, especially if they involve a flat roof.

Moving on from the roof, we can take of gutters. Gutters can help to protect your building from water damage, and with the rain and snow that Maryland is bound to receive throughout the year it is definitely important to feel confident that your gutters are properly installed and properly cared for. Our Severna Park Gutters, Roofing, Siding team can also assist with gutter cleanings, which will help to make sure that your gutters are able to effectively perform their job. To finish the project we can aid with revamping your siding. Siding is one of the biggest components of your property’s appearance, so by working with us you can ensure that your building will stand out in the best way possible. Get started on renovating your commercial property today by working with our Severna Park Gutters, Roofing, Siding experts.


Severna Park, Residential & Commercial Roofers October 18th, 2018

Storm Damaged roof in Severna Park

Looking to improve your greatest investment? Get your house in tip top shape by contracting our Severna Park roofers, gutters and siding staff. As a third generation, family owned business, the Wells family has been servicing the greater Maryland area since 1961. So we’re a group you know you can trust. Our company is even licensed, bonded, and insured, adding to our reliability. When you work with us you will have confidence knowing that your home is being updated by our team of experts. Our Severna Park home improvements team can update your home with a new roof, gutters, and siding – we can take care of many of the items on your to-do list! We even handle insurance work, so if your home was damaged by a storm or other issue, make sure to reach out. You can then talk to one of our experts about your insurance claim and how to best use it.

We will work closely with you to ensure that the damage incurred to your home is repaired, bringing the highest value and results. Investing in your home is always a smart decision. To learn more about how our Severna Park roofers, siding and gutters experts can maximize that investment by giving you the best service, at a great price, make sure to reach out via email or phone call. No matter what method of contacting us you use, one of our team members will be happy to review your plans for your home and schedule an appointment to review your specific needs and get a [ESTIMATE]

Severna Park, Quality Roofers October 11th, 2018

Storm Damaged roof in Severna Park

Has Mother Nature caused damage to your house requiring repair? With hurricane Michael leaving remnants in our Severna Park area with heavy rains and downed trees you may have found a new leak. If so, the group to contact is our Severna Park home improvements team. We can handle many aspects of the repairs, from roofing, gutters, to siding. Suffering the consequences of having your home damaged in a storm can cause unnecessary stress. Let our crew relieve you of some of your stress by taking care of your repairs.
We will work closely with you to ensure that the work associated with your claim is as smooth as possible with your insurance company for roofing, siding and gutters; we work hard to make certain that your insurance reimbursement goes as far as possible, maximizing your value. Our Severna Park roofers and gutters team makes sure give you a choice to use the finest building materials on the market, giving you the reassurance you need that your repairs will be long lasting. In business for 57 years, located right here in central Maryland, we consider ourselves not just your neighborhood contractor, but also your neighbor. Wells Home Improvements is a third generation company; licensed, bonded and insured, operating under Maryland Home Improvement Commission (MHIC) #76621. We are confident you will experience exceptional work and customer service when you put your trust in us! To discuss your roofing, gutters and siding needs, please contact our Severna Park home improvements team for [ESTIMATES] or reach out on our website.

Severna Park, Quality Roofers October 4th, 2018

Best Roofers in Severna Park

Our Severna Park home improvements team has worked with residents all over Anne Arundel county and you could be next. One area of the home you may be thinking about giving an upgrade to is your roof. Getting a new roof is a project that you won’t have to take on very often, which is why it’s so important that you work with the right group. You want to make sure that you’re confident about a new roof until many years later. If you’ve even just started thinking about getting a new roof, then you know you’re on the cusp of an important journey. So much has to be figured out before the first shingle is ever laid. Make your first step a call to us.

Our Severna Park roofers team members will ensure that you make the right roofing decisions for your home and that you’ll be pleased with the finished product. We’ll help you pick out the perfect shingles and layout, then will take over by expertly installing each section. Our main goal is always to leave customers’ homes decades ahead how we found them. We hope you’ll take a see the value in on our Severna Park roofing team so that we can show you what we’re all about and put our decades of experience to the test, giving you a roof that you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come. [ESTIMATES]

Severna Park, Guttters, Seamless! September 27, 2018

Storm Damage in Severna Park

Your gutters can’t properly do their job if they’re not free and clear of debris. To make sure yours are as effective as possible, work with our Severna Park roofing and gutters team. More than 57 years in the business you could say that our crew knows just about everything when it comes to gutters, which is why they can use their expertise to ensure that your gutters are able to do their job. If you are tired fo leaking gutters then consider our seamless gutters.

The first way we can help is with our gutter cleaning service. That’s right, we don’t just install them, we can maintenance them as well. Having your gutters regularly cleaned is a great way to ensure that water can easily flow through. While it may seem like your gutters are within your reach, just a ladder’s height away, we highly recommend you leave this job to our Severna Park gutters, siding and roofing team. No need to unnecessarily put yourself in harm’s way. Leave this job to the professionals.

If you are experienceing water around your foundation from leaking gutters from our Severna Park storms new gutters may be the answer to keep water out of your basement. Moving water away from the area around the house can make a large difference in the ground water around your home.

If you’d like to avoid having to make extra appointments, then gutter guards are the route for you. Once we install them, they’ll be doing the work themselves, shielding your gutters from yard waste. Whichever direction you decide to go in the most important takeaway is how important it is to make sure your gutters are free and clear. Debris will blocks paths, making them less effective. It also adds stress, which could decrease their lifespan. Let our Severna Park roof, siding and gutters team help you get the most out of your gutters. [ESTIMATES]

Severna Park Roof, Guttter and Siding Services, September 20, 2018

Storm Damage in Severna Park

Nothing can be more of a struggle than having to find a way to quickly bounce back after a natural disaster or massive storm. That’s why our Severna Park Roofing and Gutters team does their best to make the process as smooth as possible. It’s during this time of need that you really want to make sure you’re working with the best, a group you can trust to properly restore a part of your life. With over 5 decades of experience we know there’s no one better group for the job to help your family or business get back on their feet. Working with the insurance companies can be a tricky process, especially when you’re tasked with making sure that you’re getting the most work covered as possible. Our Severna Park home improvements team has handled many insurance related projects and will work within your claim. We’ll alleviate you of this burden by providing assistance with your roof, siding, and gutters in S.P.. We will help by going through your available options with you, picking out pieces that match the previous look of your home. We’ll have your house looking like itself again in no time. At times like these rely on groups you can trust. Working with a well-rounded team, such as ourselves, can make the world of a difference. Our Severna Park gutters and roofers team can be your lifeline during this time of need, all you have to do is give us a call. (410) 876-2434

Roof, Guttter and Siding Damage in Severna Park MD, September 13, 2018

Storm Damage in Severna Park

With Severna Park Gutters and Roofs being so close to the bay hurricanes and tropical storms can cause damage that needs immediate repairs. Wells Home Improvements has been through many storms in our 3 generations since 1961. We spring into action as soon as it is safe to bring our emergency crews to your home and help with gutters, siding and roofing issues. Being locally owned and operated for decades we know the importance of bringing quality, trusted repairs with personal service. That builds a great relationship with customers and the Severna Park community. We understand Severna Park HOAs as well as townhouses, condos and single family homes and can work to keep things moving smoothly.

We hope that the current hurricane season goes by without incident however if you have storm damage don’t hesitate to call us. Getting things “buttoned up” before the issues arise is even more preventative and cost saving. When you know that there is a small leak in a gutter or that your roof is getting older it’s time to call and get scheduled. We can bring roofing and gutter solutions anytime through the year. Being prepared and in good shape can keep costs low and value high. Waiting till after a leak and damage means more costs as insulation, drywall and more interior damage is done. We can help with all your Insurance work & Storm Damage of Gutter, Siding and Roofing in Severna Park. (410) 876-2434

Severna Park MD Residential Roofing, September 6, 2018

Home Improvements in Severna Park

If you’ve lived in your home long enough you may be at the stage where you’re looking to make updates to existing features of your house, like your roof. When you’re ready to take on this big project make sure to give our Severna Park home improvements team a call. With so many design options on the market, we’ll make sure to take the time to guide you through the roofing process to ensure that you’re pleased with the final product. Choosing a company to install your roof is a big decision to make, so we want to make sure that you know we’re a group that can be trusted.

Our Severna Park home improvements team has been in the roofing business since 1961 and still upholds the same values. We do our best to be a dependable and hardworking company that provides our customers with great results. Over the last 57 years we have worked with a variety of clients and a variety of roofs all over Anne Arundel county, which has helped to build our expertise. We know you’ll love your new roof and appreciate our workmanship. If you’re thinking about having a new roof installed, then give our Severna Park home improvements team a call. They’ll make sure to get you started in the right direction. (410) 876-2434

Severna Park MD Storm Damage Gutters & Roofing, August 30, 2018

Home Improvements in Severna Park

When it comes to protecting your home, your roof & gutters have important jobs, but sometimes they can just seem to be problematic when they present their own sets of chores and upkeep. We know you probably already have a lot on your plate, which is why our Severna Park roofing and gutter team is here to help. In addition to the normal gutter jobs that you’d expect from a renovations company, like general gutter installation, we also offer other services as well. One big one is gutter guards installation. With the addition of these you can worry less about what possible yard waste is filling up your gutters. It’s a great way to keep your gutters free of debris.
For those without guards, you can set up an appointment with our Severna Park gutters and roofing home improvements team so that they can come out routinely to clean your gutters. Too many leaves and other debris in your gutters can build up, causing unnecessary stress on the ducts. Leave the clean up to us. We’ll ensure that your gutters are free and clear so that they can properly do their job. When it comes to gutters it may seem tempting to set up your ladder and check out the situation on your own, but this could be dangerous, especially for those with big homes, steep roofs and older home owners. When you work with us, we’ll take care of your gutters in a budget-friendly manner, so that you can feel confident about your decision to work with our crew. If you’re looking for some gutter assistance, reach out to our Severna Park roofers, gutters and siding experts. Give us a call, homeowners have been trusting us since 1961! (410) 876-2434

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I definitely recommend these guys! Top notch work ! Very fast and efficient in what they do ! Completely redid the roof on a rental house for my Dad and it looks absolutely outstanding!!!

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The 1st job I have been totally satisfied with, you all did a good job.