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Annapolis Roofers Copper, 21401

Copper Roofing Gutters Downspouts in Annapolis, MD 21401

Copper Roofing, downspouts and gutters are becoming popular in Annapolis. Our roofers know the “ins and outs” of copper roofing and gutters. Knowing the right techniques and the possible problem areas of working with copper is integral to having great, long lasting results. 3 generations of well roofing and home improvements have passed down those proven techniques for roofing with all types of roofing materials. From residential, to commercial roofing we provide solutions for roof installs, repairs and replacements. Annapolis homes look great with copper roofs, gutters and downspouts. Our Annapolis roofers are ready to help.

Ask about our $500 off, warranty, 5 star reviews and decades of roofing experience. Begin with your Free Estimate today at (410) 876-2434

Annapolis Roofers Company, 21401 – Roofing Renovation, Remodel, Addition

Roofing Company Gutters Downspouts in Annapolis, MD 21401

Annapolis roofers bring excellent results in service, quality and roofing warranty. Installing a roof on an addition or during a remodel or renovation takes an experienced roofing company for great results. Home additions, remodel and renovations are different from an existing roof in that the “new” roof has to be integrated with the existing roof. With an inexperienced roofer this can cause problems. An experienced Annapolis roofer, like our roofers can see the existing roof and know how to install the new roof so that the flow of water, snow, ice, hail… will work with the new structure. Roofing home additions, remodels and renovations should last, be worry free and look great. Roofing during a home improvement project is also a time when you want an open and honest roofer. We can help with the inspection to know if this is the right time to replace the roof on the existing home and save a lot of time and money. Annapolis roofers also take pride in bringing the good news when the existing roof does not need replaced. Our Annapolis roofing company is here for the long haul, with trustworthy roofing for 60+ years.

3 generations of Annapolis roofing experience. Begin with your Free Estimate today at (410) 876-2434

Annapolis Roofers Holidays Winter, 21401 Zip Code

Roofing in Annapolis, MD 21401

The Annapolis area is headed into the holidays and the winter temperatures. Snow, wind, ice and rain are sure to test roofs as they do every winter. Our Annapolis roofers can help to inspect your roof before the rough weather gets here. We are proud to have built a reputation that lets people know that our roofing advice is solid in the 21401 zip code. If you are looking for a honest inspection of whether you need a roof replacement or a repair give us a call. We strive on the long term relationships. If all you need is a repair we are happy to bring you the good news and save you a lot of money. If you need more roofing we can bring you that news as well so you can plan. Being able to schedule for repairs or a replacement is good for everyone. There’s no need to worry through the winter about a roof leaking and causing a lot of costly damage to the interior of the house. Be prepared and give us a call for the winter season of quality siding, roofing and seamless aluminum or custom copper gutters in Annapolis MD 21401.

Get a little peace of mind with an Annapolis roofer which has been around for 3 generations. Wells Home Improvements stands behind our work. Check our numerous 5 star reviews across the internet. Lets get started with a Free Estimate today at (410) 876-2434

Annapolis Roofer, 21401 Zip Code

Roofers Gutters in Annapolis, MD

Roofers in Annapolis are helping with damage caused from the latest ice, snow and high winds. Whether you have a metal roof, cedar, slate or a traditional shingle roof you might have had a tree limb or an entire tree impact your roof. This can damage the roofing material, the roof structure and even the gutters. Finding these issues early is a great advantage. When roof damage goes unnoticed time will allow for water to get in and soak wood, insulation, drywall and paint. This is usually when it is noticed inside the home and much more damage is done.

We can help with roof damage repair in Annapolis, Maryland. We can also bring you trusted advice on if it is a good choice to replace the roof. We’ve been trusted since 1961. We’re proud of that reputation and proud that our neighbors can trust us with their home and home repairs. Honest and open communication benefits everyone involved. When we make a repair and see the condition of the roof and recommend that a small repair will work it builds that relationship. When a roof needs replaced you can also save money so that you don’t have the repair and shortly after have another, then another. We work with you to find the schedule and service that you need for your Annapolis home or business.

Free Estimates at (410) 876-2434 on roofing, siding and gutters in Annapolis Maryland 21401.

Annapolis Roofers and Gutters – Roofing in 21401 – December 20th

Roofers and Gutters Annapolis, MD

Holiday season is here and that means wreaths are on our Annapolis roofers trucks. Being locals we enjoy the Christmas season with friends and family right here in the Annapolis area. You might see our trucks driving around with festive decorations as we hang gutters for families to stay a little drier. We have rain in the forecast for the next few days. When gutters are not working properly rain builds up in areas around the foundation and often finds its way into basements and crawl spaces. When roofs, gutters and siding are not working properly and water gets into crawl spaces mold, mildew and other irritants can build up make the indoor air quality poor. We can help with your home, business or commercial property to replace your Annapolis roof, replace those old leaking gutters with seamless aluminum, custom copper and siding.

We’ve been installing traditional and new material roofs like shingles, slate, cedar, TPO/PVC and metal roofs in Annapolis since the 1960s. That’s 3 generations of Well home improvements. Seamless gutters have helped many homes to solve those complex leaking gutters of the past. With the holidays here it can be stressful but being prepared and ready for the rain and snow can bring peace of mind. We can help with quality materials and processes for even the most complex roofing residential and commercial projects in Annapolis. For Free Estimates, give us a call (410) 876-2434

Roofers in Annapolis 21401 and Gutters Peaks and Valleys December 13th

Roofers Annapolis Gutters, MD

Peaks and Valleys of a roof in Annapolis Maryland 21401 can help to keep rain moving properly and will help with snow and ice. With decades of experience we look at a roof differently than the home owner and the business owner. We see the technical strength of a well designed roof. We know the conditions of wind coming off the Chesapeake and the angles of the blistering sun hitting the roof for the months of summer. That’s one of the many benefits of working with a trusted local company as your Annapolis roofer. The valleys of a roof can help to bring long lasting results without a leak. If you are frustrated with roof design which has a leak in it’s roof’s peaks and valleys in Annapolis 21401 give us a call.

Gutters for these same Annapolis homes and even commercial buildings can benefit from seamless gutters. When gutters do not do their jobs properly water, snow and ice can damage the building, basements and even foundations. When gutters are designed and installed correctly water can be moved away from the building. We can help with aluminum and copper gutters. Copper definitely have a great look and can be eye catching for the home or business. If you are ready for a Free Estimate, give us a ring (410) 876-2434

Annapolis 21401 Roofers, November 15th

home Improvement Contractor in Annapolis

Weather has hit Annapolis and the first snow of the 2018 season is here. If your Naptown home or business has a roof in need of our roofers we’re ready to help. Snow will soon be testing the roof structure and every year some fail. We all know it’s best to tackle an issue early when the costs are low and value is high. Waiting for shingles to completely fail instead of preventative measures can be costly. Leaking can lead to internal damage to a house, business or commercial property and that internal damage is usually a high cost.

It’s best to be prepared, know the age of your roof and the signs that is it wearing and that you need to choose your Annapolis Roofers. There’s a great feeling when you have planned out a repair or replacement and saved money. Sleeping well and less stress can go a long way in bringing value to your quality of life. We’re a 3rd generation roofing, siding and gutter installing company for Annapolis. Being locally owned and operated means we share the same spaces with you around the town in the 21401 21402 21403 zip codes. We look forward to building a trusted relationship with you, your home, business or commercial property. Give us a call when you are looking for a trusted, Annapolis Roofer. Free Estimates: (410) 876-2434

Annapolis Gutter Repair and Replacement after Hurricane Michael Storm Damage, Roofers Annapolis 21401 October 11th

Best Roofing Siding Gutter company in Annapolis

Our Annapolis crew for roofing, siding and gutters offers a wide variety of services that are all aimed at ensuring that your home looks its best and that it can withstand the Maryland weather, season after season. As we’re experiencing the heavy rains for what was Hurricane Michael this week you may see need for a new roof, gutters or siding. While not known for being a particularly rainy state, Maryland has its share of light showers and heavy rain storms. To ensure that your home is protected against water you need to make sure that your gutters are able to do their job as effectively as possible.

Instead of getting on a ladder and inspecting everything yourself, why not give our business a call? We can check things out, while you’re safely on the ground, and see if there are any sticks, leaves, or other debris in your gutters. These things are small on their own, but can create big blockages if left for too long, slowing down how fast the water can drain. They also weigh your gutters down, which, if yours are filled with yard waste they could be at risk for damaging your home. Scheduling regular gutter cleanings throughout the season, especially the fall, is a great way to keep your gutters clear, so that water can flow freely through. While our Annapolis gutters and roofers team makes keeping your gutters clean easy, an even better method is to have gutter guards installed. This small addition to your already existing system will block out any debris, making it harder for them to enter your drainage system. When it comes to which method is better, there’s no right or wrong answer, it’s all dependent on your house and your needs. The biggest takeaway is that it’s important to not neglect your gutters. Since they’re high up and hard to see it can be easy to forget about them, but when you have our Annapolis roofing and gutter team looking out for you and your house, you can make sure that your gutters are always taken care of in the 21401 zip codes. Free Estimates: (410) 876-2434

Annapolis “Naptown” Gutters & Roofing in 21401, September 20

Naptown Roofing Siding Gutters

Our Annapolis home improvements team is a well-rounded crew that is ready to help you with many of your home project needs. Our employees have a wide skill set, excelling in roofing, siding, and gutter work. We can complete just about any task you need to have done. So, whether you’re looking for updates because of age, storm damage, or you’re just ready for a change, we’ve got you covered. We can provide your home with a facelift, using different colored siding or a different type of shingle, or we can create a look that matches with your house’s previous appearance. When asked to repair storm damage we do our best to work with your insurance company, so that you can have as much of the project covered as possible. We’re a family owned and operated business that has been in the Annapolis area since 1961. We’ve spent the last 60+ years gaining experience and building a great reputation for our company. When you work with our Annapolis home improvements team we know you’ll be able to see our company difference. We live in the same area that we work, our clients aren’t just clients, they’re our neighbors. This means we set a high bar for ourselves to make sure that our work is exceptional, which is why some of our services, like our gutter work, are backed by a lifetime warranty. When you work with us you can rest easy knowing that we do our best to make sure our neighborhood, and the others in the area, look great. We know you’ll be impressed by our crew’s craftsmanship and professionalism. Going forward, we hope that our home improvements team will be your new go-to when you’re looking to make roofing, gutters or siding updates on your Annapolis house. Call today to get started on this lifelong partnership. (410) 876-2434

Annapolis Roofing in 21041, August 30

Home Improvements in Annapolis

When you live in an older home there comes a time when you have to start making updates to some of the original building elements to help extend the life of your house. When the time comes to renovate your roof or fix storm damage, make sure to call our Annapolis roofers. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your house is in good hands. Investing in a new roof is a great way to add years onto the life of your home and it can be a pain free process when you work with us. If you are looking to sell it becomes a selling Feature! We know that this is a big project to take on and it can be difficult to choose which company to go with.
You can be confident in us because we’ve been in the Annapolis roofing business for over 60 years, so we know a thing or two about how to revamp your old roof. We’ve had plenty of happy customers throughout Anne Arundel county and you can be next. Whether you’re looking to match the style of your old roof, or decide that it’s the perfect time to do something a little bit different, our Annapolis home improvements team will do their best to give you a roof that’s better than you could imagine. Just because a new roof is necessary, doesn’t mean that the time is right. Many customers struggle with finding the funding for their new project. To help make the decision a little easier, we currently offer a $500 discount for $5,000+ projects to any customers that mentions our roofing site. Your old roof probably causes enough worry and headaches. Make sure your new roof isn’t cause for any stress by working with our talented Annapolis roofing professionals. We’ll have your new roof up in no time, giving you something that you can enjoy for years to come with peace of mind. – (410) 876-2434

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I recently called Wells home improvement for a new roof and skylights. They came out to give me an estimate within a day or two. Price was great and the roof and skylights look great. I would highly recommend them and I will also use them in the future for other home improvements.

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PERFECT! Thank you for your time and attention to details. Looks great. I like that there is no downspout on the front of house. Would highly recommend.