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Roofers Annapolis – Copper Roofing Gutters Downspouts 21401, 21403, 21409

best roofing company copper annapolis 21401 21402

Copper roofing, gutters, and downspouts can make an amazing first impression. Roofers in Annapolis know the beauty and functionality of working with copper. There are many different choices of roofing materials. Our experience starting back in 1961 allows us to pass on our roofing knowledge. Our Annapolis roofers also know the importance of ongoing training and industry connections. We work with the leading roofing manufacturers to bring you the best options for all your roofing, gutters, and downspouts in Annapolis.
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Roofers Annapolis – Remodel, Renovation, Additions in 21401, 21403, 21409

best roofing company annapolis 21401 21402 additions remodel renovation

Installing a new roof on a home remodel, renovation, or addition in Annapolis requires experience for great results. All three of these make for a challenge to design and install a new roof. Roofing materials for a home addition, renovation, or remodel also come into play in the decision. Some roofs work well with a change of materials. Others will function well and last long, but might not have the “look” that you desire. Other Annapolis roofs will need to have the same roofing materials as the existing roof. No matter what you desire in roofing material, our 3 generations of experience will make for a great finished roof.

Our Annapolis roofers are with you every step of the way in the roofing project. If you are hiring a general contractor or if you are acting as the general contractor, we can help you make the important decision when it comes to roofing. Some of the techniques when installing a new roof on an addition, renovation, or remodel come only from experience. Roofing materials like copper, shingles, slate, cedar, or metal can be tricky if you don’t have the experience and roofing industry connections. Having the right connections to the roofing suppliers and distributors means the ability to connect and communicate with them directly. Knowing the details in roofing renovations and remodels means a great finished roof. Long-lasting results are what we all want. We know the homeowner wants a high-quality, high-value roof. Our Annapolis roofers also want the same because it’s our reputation. Give us a call for all your questions on roofing additions, remodel, and renovation projects in Annapolis.
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Roofers Annapolis – Roof and Rain in 21401, 21403, 21409

best roofers annapolis 21409 21401 21403

Heavy rains and snow hit the Annapolis area throughout the year. We know all about the conditions that your Annapolis home, business or commercial roof experiences. We know because we are the local Annapolis roofers. We’ve been through the heavy storms of summer and the ice and snow of winter. We are a complete roofing company for Annapolis. If you need a repair or a full roof replacement we can help with top quality and value.

Annapolis roofers not only need to know about shingles, copper, slate, cedar and other roofing materials, we also need to know about gutters. Roofing and gutters in Annapolis work together to protect your home. Moving water away from the home or business is important as stopping a leak. Properly engineering a roofing system means long term peace of mind. For 3 generations we have been passing down roofing and guttering knowledge.
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Roofers Annapolis – Shingle Roofing Company 21401, 21403, 21409

best roofing company annapolis 21401 21402 shingles

There are many types of roofing for Annapolis. Our roofing company has experience with most every type of roofing that you can find. That experience spans 3 generations and dates back to 1961. We provide solutions for complete roof replacement, repairs, and installing new roofs. One of the most common roof types in Annapolis is the traditional asphalt shingle roof. However, in downtown Annapolis we find ourselves installing and repairing “flat roofs” as well. Flat roofs may have issues around areas called “pitch pockets” as well. If you have a need for a free estimate for your roof shingles, give us a call or reach out to us online. Family values are important to us and in our Annapolis roofing company. We want the best for you, and we value the trust we’ve developed and the reputation we have as honest, open roofers. Check out some of our many 5-star reviews. Our roofing reviews date back to the time before the internet with handwritten cards and thank-you notes for our roofing services. We look forward to hearing from you and helping your family with their roofing needs in the Annapolis zip codes of 21401, 21403, 21409 and beyond.
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Roofers Annapolis – Residential Roofing Company 21401, 21403, 21409

Residential roofing in Annapolis comes with unique challenges. Being a local roofing company in Annapolis, we know the best techniques for roofing. We also know the ‘ins and outs’ of roofing in the Annapolis area like parking downtown, in the different zip codes 21401, 21409, 21403 and more. We know the best times to travel and get roofing materials to the job site. We value staying on time and on budget for your home or business. Knowing the winds, snow, ice, hail, and thunderstorms and how your roofing will react to these factors helps us to choose the right roofing materials and installation. Give us a call and ask about our 3 generations of roofing experience in Annapolis. Learn about our $500 off offer, and ask about available warranties for your roofing system and materials. We have the answers and the best techniques for your Annapolis roofing needs. Learn about our 5-star reviews for roofing in Nap Town. We are ready to help as your local, trusted roofers in Annapolis.
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best home roofing company annapolis 21401 21402

Roofers Annapolis – Flat Roofing Company 21401, 21403, 21409

best flat roofing company annapolis 21401 21402

Flat roofing is a little more common in downtown Annapolis. Where space is tight and space is at a premium, flat roofs are common. Flat roofing is not actually “flat.” There is still a pitch or “angle” to the roofing to allow the rain, sleet, snow… to move off the roof and run to the proper place. Having decades of flat roofing experience in Annapolis, we can solve most any issue. Wells Annapolis roofers can bring solutions for both the homeowner and the business owner. Large commercial flat roofs are a little different from small, flat home roofs. No matter the size or type of roof we bring our 3 generations of experience passed down, to every roofing project. If you are looking for an experienced flat roofer for your home, give us a call. If you are a larger commercial building looking for a high quality, long lasting PVC / TPO roof give us a call. Wells roofing of Annapolis can solve the flat roofing needs of new roofs, roof repairs and roof replacements in Annapolis.
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Roofers Annapolis – Asphalt Shingle Roofing Company 21401, 21403, 21409

Traditional asphalt shingle roofing in Annapolis is a common request. Our Annapolis roofers are happy to provide free estimates on our roofing, including shingle roofs. Asphalt shingles have come a long way in technology since our humble beginnings in 1961. We’ve seen the best and perhaps the worst in shingles throughout the years. Thankfully, if you have an asphalt shingle roof in Annapolis we can bring the best in quality, selection, color, installation, and materials. There are great warranty choices associated with shingle roofs today. Free estimates and inspections of your roof may show you need a good roof cleaning in Annapolis. You might need a repair, or you might need a roofing replacement. We pride ourselves on open and honest roof assessments. We are not looking for a “quick” money making deal. We are a 3 generation roofer which has built a reputation for long-term, honest services. If you are wondering about the common roofing in Annapolis question, “should I repair or replace my shingle roof?” Our roofers can help to answer those questions and save you money with our roofing industry connections. Bringing high quality asphalt shingles is just one of the many roofing services we provide. Give us a call and speak to someone with decades of experience in personal, professional, polite roofing services for Annapolis.
Free Estimates at 443-871-1202.

best shingle roofing company annapolis 21401 21402

Roofers Annapolis – Metal & Shingle Roofing 21401, 21403, 21409

best roofing annapolis 21401 21402

Striving to be the best roofers in Annapolis takes a lot of dedication. For over 60 years, Wells Home Improvements’ roofing staff have been working to provide the open and honest roofing estimates, repairs, replacements and new roof installs. Roofing companies need ongoing training and industry connections to know and master the latest in roofing materials, equipment and techniques. No need to take our word for it, check our 5-star roofing reviews, many from the Annapolis area.

We provide roofing repairs and replacements for both residential and commercial roofs in Annapolis. From the downtown area to the outskirts of Annapolis, our roofers know the area. We know the intricacies of parking, getting materials in and out of Annapolis, new construction, and historic areas. You might see our “Wells Roofing” trucks around the Annapolis areas like Aris T Allen, Route 50, or the Downtown docks. We take pride in our roofing work and bring open and honest estimates. This honesty pays off in the long run and creates trusted relationships. If a roof needs a simple repair we are happy to bring the good news. If an Annapolis roof needs a replacement to save the most money and create a strong finished product we bring that roofing news as well. We help homeowners and business owners answer the age old question, “Should I repair or replace my Annapolis roof?”
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Roofers Annapolis – Cedar Roofing 21401, 21403, 21409

Roofers in Annapolis know the great looks and function of cedar roofing. Annapolis’ close proximity to the waters of the Chesapeake Bay means unique conditions. With high winds hitting the roof, cedar can be a good solution. Our decades of experience in roofing goes all the way back to 1961. Our roofers can bring that level of quality and experience to your roof. Cedar roofing has specific needs, quite different from traditional asphalt shingles. No matter which roofing materials you choose for your home or business our roofers can bring the high quality materials and craftsmanship.

Annapolis roofing companies can provide a high value roof for residential and commercial roofs. Large commercial roofing needs often include PVC/TPO materials. Our roofers have the experience to make your project a success. If you are looking for local roofers with great 5 out of 5 star reviews, 60+ years of experience to stand behind their work, then give us a call. Ask about our $500 off your roofing project, warranty and how supporting a local roofer means keeping money in your community. We’re ready to solve your problems with our roofing repairs in Annapolis as well as complete roof replacement if needed.
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roofers annapolis cedar roofing shingles

Annapolis Roofing & Gutters, Wet Snow 21401, 21403, 21409

Heavy, wet snowfall in Annapolis has created a need for our experienced roofers in Annapolis once again. We have the “know how” trained crews and experience with a wide variety of materials to fix or replace your roofing and gutters, in fact we’ve been doing it Since 1961. With 3 generations of home improvements specializing in gutters and roofing we can provide the best solutions start to finish. If you are looking for shingled, metal, slate, cedar or flat roofing in Annapolis 21401, 21402 and 21403 zip codes we have the right options and industry connections to bring you long lasting, trusted results.

With heavy snow, old roofs with bows and rafters are stressed and there is often a need for replacement. We hope this does not create an emergency repair due to a leak, but if so, we can help. Saving money by getting your roof replaced before a leak occurs is a great move. When leaks happen there’s a lot of damage to the interior as well. Roofing shingles, plywood, insulation, drywall paint, and often carpet can drive costs up. Save your money and make a call if your roof is getting older and it’s time to replace. Don’t wait until it’s too late and the rush is on. Not only can we bring award-winning roofing but we also install seamless gutters throughout Annapolis, MD.
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Roofers Annapolis Maryland

roofing annapolis md

Annapolis Roofing & Gutters in 21401 21402 21403 Zip Codes, February 14th

Wells Home Improvement can be a trusted partner in building new homes and renovating older ones. Having a good home improvement contractor can save a lot of money and time when building. We’ve been helping for 3 generations which shows our dedication to doing the job right. We’re here for the long-term, and we stand behind our work. While working with siding, seamless gutters, and roofing in Annapolis, we’ve built many great relationships. Getting a referral or recommendation from homeowners, business owners, and commercial property managers is a great thing to experience. Whether you are looking for a standard shingle roof or a more stylish choice in metal, cedar, slate, or PVC / TPO flat roofing materials, we can bring the results for Annapolis residential and commercial roofing in the 21401 21402 21403 zip codes.

Siding and seamless gutters can help to make the project complete by offering long-lasting protection. Keeping your most important investment safe, dry, and up-to-date can help grow that investment. We at Wells Home Improvements know first-hand how important that is – we live right here in Annapolis. We keep our money and business local. We shop and dine where you do. Your neighbors and kids share the same schools. We’ve stood behind our work for all three generations of the Wells family. Gutters made of copper or seamless aluminum will help to protect your building as well as look great in Annapolis. Give us a call when it’s time for a roofer to make repairs to your Annapolis home.

Free Estimates at 443-871-1202.

annapolis roofers aa county md

roofers annapolis aa county md

Annapolis Roofers in 21401, 21403 21409 Zip Codes, January

roofers annapolis aa county md wide

With snow and ice this week, we have been working to help with gutter and roofing questions in Annapolis. Ice and snow can work into the smaller spaces that rain doesn’t usually get into or stay as long. Nobody likes the sign of a leak coming through the ceiling. Nobody wants to see a gutter come loose and drain water, ice, and snow falling down the house or close to the foundation. Wells Home Improvements have been trusted for 3 decades to bring real solutions for siding, gutters, and roofing in Annapolis.

We have the industry connections and experience with the latest roofing materials to help with your shingle, metal, slate, cedar, or commercial flat roof. Experience with materials and techniques is very important to getting long-lasting results that bring peace of mind. Seamless gutters are a good example. Older “pieced” gutters have seams which are apt to leaking over time. Our Annapolis area has a combination of weather which will test weak gutters. Snow and ice will put pressure on the roof shingles and the gutters. Even more stress is created when the ice and snow “breaks loose” and slides down the roof into valleys or the impact on the gutter itself. We can help with decades of experience to bring your roof and gutters back to great looking and functioning shape in the 21401 21409 21403 zip codes.

Free Estimates at 443-871-1202 on roofing, siding and gutters in Annapolis Maryland.

Roofers in Annapolis 21401, 21043 and Gutters November 29th

Annapolis roofers gutters

Roofers in Annapolis are busy year round with the salty air and changing temperatures. Annapolis has a wide variety of roofing types. Shingles are a popular choice for many residential homes. Shingles are time-tested, and a week does not go by when we do not put our hands on a square of shingles to help a home which has a leaky roof, a complete replacement, or repairs. We can help with all your roofing types in Annapolis Maryland 21401. You may also have a roof which is a “flat” roof. Other types of roofs we see are metal, cedar, slate, and PVC/TPO.

Cold weather doesn’t stop us from roofing. You may want an inspection to see the age of your roof and plan for the future, and we can help with that. We pride ourselves on being a locally owned and operated home improvement company with family values that make for long-lasting relationships. We’ve been roofing and installing gutters and siding for 3 generations, and we look forward to serving you for many more. It’s great to hear someone has recommended us or the awesome feeling that comes when we hear, “You roofed my parents house.” So if you are looking for help from Roofers in Annapolis, give us a call.

Free Estimates at 443-871-1202.

Annapolis Gutters and Roofers November 22nd Naptown 21403, 21409

best gutters roofers annapolis md

This week’s roofing in Annapolis project focuses on the roofing needs during the holidays. It’s Thanksgiving, and we strive hard with every roof replacement so that we all have a safe, comfortable, dry place to meet and enjoy the family and friends gathering together in Annapolis MD. We know firsthand because we live here too. We share the same weather, rain and snow. We offer many shingle options to help reduce stress, and we provide flexible financing solutions. We know what it is like to have families and to keep loved ones safe in Annapolis under a strong, long-lasting roof. From the beginning “tear off” to the final shingle in place, we’re with you.

We also offer siding and gutters to residents of Annapolis. As the temperatures change from rain to a mix of snow sleet and the gutters take more weight and strain, older gutters can fail. We can bring our experience to fighting the harsh weather of Annapolis with seamless gutters in the 21403 zip code. Our decades of experience mean our process improvements are like no other. Our industry connections and ability to use proven products with proven techniques means a better Annapolis Roofer and a better roof for your home. When you are ready for a Free Estimate from Annapolis Roofers and Gutter installers trusted since 1961 give us a call.

Free Estimates at 443-871-1202.

Best Annapolis Roofers October 25th, Zip Code 21401, 21403, 21409

annapolis roofing 10-25-18

Roofs are like a “top-hat” for our homes. Make sure that your ‘hat’ is in tip-top shape by having a new roof installed by our talented crew of Annapolis roofing experts. From your roof to your gutters and siding, let us handle your needs. Our team of specialists have been trained in many areas, making them exceptionally helpful when you’re looking to have a new roof installed. Your roof provides coverage from the elements- snow, hail, sleet, rain, harsh sun, and many animals. A new roof will give you the protection that you and your home need in the face of whatever Mother Nature dishes out. Our Annapolis roofing team can handle your new roof installation and if you’re not looking for a total redo, they can take care of many areas that may be damaged. Whether you make an appointment for the future or you need emergency work done after a disaster has occurred, we’ll be there to provide your roof with the fixes it needs in the 21401 21402 21403 zip codes.

Are you thinking of selling your home? Then don’t forget that having a new roof will add to the value of your home. It gives it that special curb appeal and will make potential buyers feel more comfortable about purchasing. Investing in a new roof is a great way to make your home a more appealing option for prospective buyers. Make sure to keep an eye on our page to see any current roofing specials we offer and, if you’re interested, then give our trained professional sales staff a call at 443-871-1202 to arrange an appointment to discuss what Wells Home Improvements can do for your home. Our crew will work hard to meet your needs and your expectations. No matter what Mother Nature has in mind, let our Annapolis home improvements team give you the peace of mind you deserve knowing that your roof installation was done right!

Free Estimates at 443-871-1202.

Annapolis Roofers, in 21401, 21403 21409 Oct 3th

best roofers annapolis

It’s that time of year again, time to start thinking about getting a new roof! Let our Annapolis roofing team provide that new shingle, tin, or copper roof for you. Your house is likely your greatest investment. Let our expert roofing crew give you the reassurance that your roof can withstand anything Mother Nature can ‘dish out’! Our selection of available shingles allows you to customize your home’s exterior. From replacing your worn-out roof to taking care of a roof during an insurance claim, we can handle a variety of jobs, from small fixes to big overhauls. Under a roof provided by our Annapolis home improvements team, your house will have the protection it needs to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. You’ll have confidence in your roof knowing that it was expertly installed with an attention to detail provided at every step of the way- from removal to installation to cleanup. Family owned and operated since the beginning, our company was established in 1961; we have 57+ years of experience in many areas of home improvement, with roofing being one of several of our speciality areas. Our expert installers can provide all facets of roofing- from emergency repairs, including insurance work or a planned roof replacement. Rain or shine our team is always ready to give you the roof that your house deserves. For a limited time, when contacting Annapolis Home Improvements, mention this website and receive $500 off any roofing work performed (minimum of $5,000 per roof). So start out your 2018 with the peace of mind you need by having our expert installers give you the new roof you and your house deserve. Your home is your greatest investment, so allow our Annapolis roofers to help you protect it. Give us a call today and we can get started on your roofing project.
Free Estimates at 443-871-1202.

Annapolis Gutters in 21401 21409 21403 Zip Codes, September 6

gutters annapolis

Our Annapolis home improvements team works hard to not only ensure that your roof, gutters, and siding perform great, but they also make sure that they look great as well. It’s the little details of your house that help to improve its overall appearance. While gutters may not be the first thing you think of when you picture a house with great curb appeal, it’s the components like these that work together to create a nice looking home. If you’re looking to have your gutters replaced or installed, then trust us with the job. We’ll do our best to make sure that the colors of your gutters match your home for a seamless look. Not only will they look great, but our gutter installations will get the job done, properly transporting water off of your roof.

We can even set up gutter guards, protecting your ducts from debris. You shouldn’t have to worry about your home or the work done to it, which is why our Annapolis home improvements team does their best to install everything right the first time, giving you lasting results. In the future, if there are any issues after the installations, don’t fret, because our gutter work comes with a lifetime warranty. You and your home are our top priority and we believe in the work we do, which is why we offer this guarantee. Don’t forget, our services go beyond residential work. If you own a business in the Annapolis area and have some gutters that could use some TLC, then make sure to give our crew a call. Things like gutters may seem like minor parts of your property, but they play a big part in protecting it from water damage and can help to give your house a neater appearance. If your home needs some gutter work, then make sure to give our Annapolis home improvements team a call. Our crew is eager to get started on restoring your house. Call 443-871-1202 for a free estimate.

Trusted Annapolis Roofer, Gutter & Siding Installer

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I would strongly recommend Wells for roofing. Fair estimate of amazing work. They worked hard in the heat and cleaned up every day.

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Recently bought our home and it required a new roof. We called Wells and were able to get our roof within a week. Cleaned up after themselves. So please we had them come out and replace the gutters and downspouts.

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The very first time I met Travis I felt comfortable. Got the roof done quickly, pleasant to work with

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I recently called Wells home improvement for a new roof and skylights. They came out to give me an estimate within a day or two. Price was great and the roof and skylights looked great. I would highly recommend them and I will also use them in the future for other home improvements.

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